IMG_0318I’m a perpetual learner & collector. Things I love include … The Word of God, the Arts, Popular Culture, Worship, Theology, Missions, Children’s Lit.

Linchpin of my life: the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Favorite Quote: “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” C.S. Lewis



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  1. Great stuff! Sheryl! A privilege to be in class with you. You are one of His many blessings. Grace and peace,
    Joe Crowley

    • Thank you Joe! You, and all the guys in the class, were a tremendous blessing to me this week. I just published a new post with my reflections on the class that you may want to check out if you have a chance. May the Lord continue to bless you in all of your vocations. 🙂 Sheryl

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