I Want to Assume God is Present

On the Q Ideas site, Justin McRoberts responded to the question of What Can Artists Teach the Church? with a post titled The Art of Listening. He uses the story of Phillip crossing paths with the Ethiopian Eunuch, and summarizes the Spirit’s instructions to Phillip as “go and listen.”

It’s an excellent post that I recommend reading in its entirety as it reflects upon how artists are uniquely able to offer their churches help developing the practiced posture of listening because, for an artist, “before anything is made, before materials are chosen, even before inspiration can take hold, listening must come first.”

The quote below, from his CMYK project, I am including in its entirety because it touches on the heart of what I want this blog, and my life, to reflect. I want to assume God is present …

“I want to assume God is present rather than wonder if He is or feel like I need to insert Him into a situation. As I practice a posture of listening, I am learning to see God in more and various places and then help friends who live in those places to see him there. I want to see like that instead of mostly [seeing] God in one, small place (on a Sunday morning around 10:00 am, for instance) and [suggesting] that any who want Him should meet me (and God) there.”


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